Alberta University of the Arts



This drumcomputer was designed at my exchange on Auarts in Alberta Canada, for the MADT Interactive Objectivity Class by Bryan Cera. 

Down below is my process book.

Process book: 'trommel drumcomputer'

Trommel, or just Drum in English, is an inspiration by an old disbanded schematic I found called: “Shapeshifter.” By Fase Lunar. Check it out here:

I love Electronic Music, Djing, the culture behind it and of course the technology behind it. So I decided to design my own Drumcomputer in fritzing.

I started with my Fritzing design.

This was all new for me, so it was trial and error. For the Arduino chip, I used the Teensy 3.6.

Made a Bill of Materials and ordered all my materials from Digikey. 

Also added some graphics to the PCB.

And ordered the PCB from JLCPCB.

Its a Cat!

While getting ready for soldering I found two fatal mistakes. I am reworking Trommel at the moment, and adding different graphics. I was not too happy how the overal design was printed.

I hope to finish Trommel before august 2020!